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Client: Passione Bags

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Passione Bags is a handicraft workshop that, by turning to […]

Passione Bags is a handicraft workshop that, by turning to the online trade, makes leather creations of the highest quality. The bags and accessories are entirely designed and manufactured in-house: an example of Italian-made excellence.

Verdi22 had the privilege of taking part in the concrete realization of the project from the very beginning. We worked together to devise a marketing strategy, from start-up to international market launch. Initially, we provided Passione Bags with professional advice to identify the target audience to which the products would be aimed and also carried out an in-depth examination of the main competitors. Parallel to the SWOT analysis carried out by our experts, we guided the client in focusing on a strong and pronounced corporate identity, preparatory to the conception of a brand.

Verdi22 thus succeeded in creating a tailor-made communication strategy, starting with the very name of the business and the logo that represents it. From the latter, a line of customized products was developed for Passione Bags, such as business cards and an exclusive letterhead, right down to the graphics for the metal plates that identify the bag internally.

We took care of the creation of the fundamental website for an online sales company, taking care of its structure and content. We created a multilingual site with an e-commerce platform (set up using wCommerce technology) that ensures pleasant navigation, stimulating the visitor to purchase. The highly-indexed site was programmed to automatically generate shipping manifests for products, and a newsletter service for customers is planned for the future. Our consultancy was then indispensable for the proper training of internal staff so that Passione Bags would be fully autonomous in the subsequent management of the site

But our support for a concrete and effective marketing programme went much further: together with the customer, we worked on the drafting of differentiated strategies depending on the product, following each one’s promotion step by step, and guiding Passione Bags in choosing the most impactful communication tools.

For packaging, the challenge was to create a line of glamorous and functional containers while optimizing costs. Our professionals thus came up with a unique design for labels, boxes, and bags while maximizing the budget, all from a green perspective: the stickers were made at the same time as the labels, minimizing paper waste.


Photographer: Stefano Raffini