For years, the Tipica event has grouped together the various festivals of the Santerno Valley, bringing together the towns of Codrignano, Casalfiumanese, Borgo Tossignano, Tossignano, Fontanelice and Castel del Rio. An opportunity to showcase local flavors and products.

For Tipica, we worked on a proposal that would enhance the event and won the contract for the entire communication strategy. We presented a radical renewal of Tipica’s brand and image, while being careful not to break the ties with the past: Tipica is in fact a festival with a strong identity, which stands as an established tradition. The name – which is too generic and therefore problematic in web indexing – has thus been changed to Valle del Santerno.

We then proceeded with a restyling of the logo: a new, graphically appealing version that is reminiscent of the previous one. The design of the logo, combined with a careful study of the fonts to be used and the choice of colors for the graphics, resulted in a brochure that summarises the brand guidelines, to facilitate its reuse in the various locations.

We also took care of creating the logo and the specific line for the year’s theme, supporting Tipica in coordinating with the institutions. We designed an advertising plan that involved the use of numerous communication channels, such as social networks. On a graphic level, we produced a leaflet displaying the events and a layout line for advertising.