Studio Verdi 22

Studio Verdi22 is a graphic design studio and ADV agency for website development.


Studio Verdi 22 – Creative Strategy

Studio Verdi 22  is an independent design consultancy firm. Help companies to close the gap between what consumers demand, what they digitally expect from businesses and what they actually experience.

With smart tools and global resources, the team examine the implications of every brand choice, create new experiences, and open doors to opportunity.

Verdi22 is specialized in helping companies in communications and in the copywriting world, to make them competitive nationally and internationally using the best approach as possible, studied on the needs of each client.

Verdi22 is a reality composed by a slim and dynamic team and of a net of collaborators. The deep experience guarantees the best service, quick and high-quality service. A team of specialist in graphic design and copywriting, in brand design, in web design, in photography in video making and in multimedia design.


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