Vancouver, May 2021. V22 Media, a Digital Media company focused on the Heavy-Duty industry, started a commercial collaboration with the Crownsmen Partners Firm.

V22 Media will represent the Canadian Media Company in Europe with exclusivity for the Italian Market.

The globally renowned Crownsmen has recently hit a milestone of 200,000 viewers in the month of April alone and audiences are still rising in May with their three series, The Crownsmen Show, Mining Now, and Crownsmen Energy.

Every week hosts Jerrod Downey, Rory Bamford and Goudy Molina unpack the industrial sectors of North America. They explore the latest in technology, opportunities, challenges, leadership, and government policies. Industry experts from mining, energy, construction, transportation, forestry, and agriculture join the show to share their insights providing true in-depth access to the industry. From CEOs to engineers to just fans of industry; our long-form approach to content engages professionals at all levels.

About V22 Media

V22 Media is a digital media company aimed to bring business and industry executives effective digital strategies and solutions. Based in Bologna – Italy – offers a variety of digital channels and marketing services connecting readers and manufacturers in the heavy-duty manufacturing industry. They provide efficient and effective methods of connecting manufacturers with their dealership and with end-users through contemporary digital channels.

Focused on:

• Earthmoving and construction equipment
• Lifting equipment
• Mining equipment and drilling machinery
• Spare parts & components
• Oil&Gas
• Farm equipment and machines

If you are a manufacturer based in Italy or anywhere in Europe, involved with the North American Market, and need to jump on stage with Jerrod in the Crownsmen show, just get in touch with V22 Media to find the best way to reach your target



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