Project Overview

Cllient: Terre&Motori
Project Duration: 9 months
Objective: To launch the Terre&Motori brand and digital presence with a cutting-edge website and cohesive brand guidelines that reflect the company’s passion for automotive excellence and Italian tourism lifestyle.

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Brand Guidelines and Website for the Motor Country

The Challenge

The Client approached our agency with the need to overhaul their online presence to better showcase their unique blend of automotive expertise and lifestyle offerings, as F1 race was held in the territory.
The existing website lacked the modernity and functionality required to effectively engage their target audience. Additionally, inconsistent branding across platforms was diluting the strength of the Terre&Motori identity.

Our Approach

Brand Guidelines Development

  • We optimized the existing brand with new brand guidelines focusing on modernity, elegance, and the unique blend of automotive, land, history, passion and lifestyle.
  • Developed a unified color palette, typography, imagery style, and voice to strengthen brand consistency across all platforms.
  • Established a comprehensive set of brand guidelines that articulate the Terre&Motori ethos of combining automotive passion with a refined lifestyle.
  • Ensured these guidelines are scalable and adaptable, allowing Terre&Motori to maintain brand consistency as they grow.

Website Design and Development

  • Built a responsive, user-friendly website optimized for performance, accessibility, and SEO.
  • Integrated rich media content, including video and interactive elements, to engage users and convey the Terre&Motori experience.
  • Implemented an intuitive CMS for easy content updates and management by the Terre&Motori team.

The Solution

Our solution centered on a holistic approach to redefining the Terre&Motori brand and online experience:

Website Features

  • A visually stunning homepage that captures the essence of Terre&Motori with engaging imagery and concise messaging.
  • Detailed product and service pages that highlight Terre&Motori’s offerings with high-quality visuals and compelling descriptions.
  • An interactive event calendar to showcase upcoming Terre&Motori events and engagements.
  • A blog section for the latest news, stories, and insights, enhancing the brand’s thought leadership in the automotive and lifestyle sectors.