Project Overview

Client: Gio's Patisserie Project Duration: 6 months Objective: Restyling of logo, website, packaging and business cards

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Branding for Gio’s, Local Bakery

Gio’s is a local bakery and café known for its artisanal pastries, gelato, and a variety of cold and hot beverages. Recently under new management, Gio’s represents a cozy spot for breakfasts and quick lunches, with delivery options available as well. Studio Verdi 22 has designed the brand identity, adopting a style that celebrates the artistry of Italian baking.

The brand identity style emphasizes a playful yet refined aesthetic, making use of watercolor illustrations and soft textures, which give a sense of delicacy and artisanal quality. This artistic approach not only highlights the uniqueness and high-quality of Gio’s pasties, but also conveys a friendly, welcoming vibe.