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Happy F&B; Designer: Anna Ahnborg






Finally, going plastic free is a trend that we should all embrace more. Last year saw some fantastic advances in the science behind renewable, compostable packaging materials, and more and more brands are acknowledging the need to do more to reduce packaging waste.

From algae-based plastics to styrofoam made out of mushrooms, alternative materials are being created every day that should lead to a more sustainable and efficient packaging industry.

2018 saw some great early adoption of this trend, for example the brilliantly conceived From Peel to Peel project by Emma Sicher. Another successful example is the Seed Phytonutrients collaboration between L’Oreal and Ecologic Brands, which centers on a recycled, compostable paper pump bottle that can even be used in the shower. As consumers start to feel genuinely empowered in their choice between plastic and plastic-free options, we expect to see many more innovations in this field throughout 2019.

Emma Sicher via 99designs


This year, expect designers and brands to push existing styles to their extremes as they explore new and clever ways to ensure their products stand out and be noticed. With upcoming trends encompassing everything from stripped back modern designs, vibrant color gradients, monochromatic contrasts, nostalgic nods to the past and forward looking innovation, 2019 will be an exciting year for packaging design where anything and everything is possible.



BrandPackaging’s Two Trends to Watch in 2019


The calm yet impactful appeal of pastels will be seen across all categories throughout 2019. From beverages to premium candy, pastels add a dose of luxury to everyday items. This year, expect to see these powerful pastels combined with various patterns.

Girvin & Nonie Creme



Whether traditional or tongue-in-cheek, vintage inspired design appeals to consumers of all ages. In 2019 illustrations will continue to center on animals and fictional brand characters.

Brandon Mitchell via Cellar Door